Route one: Beijing, Wudang Mountain, Shaolin Temple Route two: Beijing, Wudang Mountain, Shaolin Temple,Southern,Shaolin Temple Route three: Beijing, Shaolin Temple, Wen county, Wudang , Mountain, Southern Shaolin Temple Route four: Shanghai, Hangzhou, Southern Shaolin Temple, Wudang ,Mountain, Shaolin Temple, Beijing

Zhengzhou Shaolin International Wushu Festival
Since 1991, Zhengzhou Shaolin International Wushu Festival is held every teo years from September 1 to September 5. It attracts many Kungfu practitioners and has become one of the most important event for Wushu learners. 
Shaolin Boxing Competition
Shaolin Boxing Competition is held every year in Dengfeng county in September. It is a traditional Wushu festival in Shaolin Temple. Students from different Kungfu schools and institutions will join in the contest.
The China Jiaozuo International Taiji Annual conference is held in Jiaozuo city, Henan province every year from August 26 to September 1. 
Wudang Kungfu Communication Festival 
Since the movie Crouching Tiger Hiden Dragonwas released, Wudang Kungfu has become more and more well-known. In March every year, Wudang Kungfu Communication Festival is held in Wudang Mountain. It has been a grand event for Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Xingyi exchanges.

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